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  • To what age groups does Stadium FC provide football programs ?
    We provide entry Fun level 2 days programs progressing to 3 days and 4 days programs putting more focus on learning the sport of football and exposure to competitive side of the game. The programs are offered on Residential and Non-Residential basis . Players join our programs from age 4 and upwards. Residential programs are open from age 14 and above. Please see our PROGRAMS page for full details
  • What is the Admission criteria for Stadium FC programs ?
    For entry level fun SMART2 - 2 days program, player between age of 5 to 15 of all ability can enrol directly for the locations that offer their age specific program . For the 3 day SMART3 and 4 day ELITE program, players need to be of age 7 and upwards. For our residential players, we do selection trials across the country ocassionally to connect with players interested in joining our club. If you have missed the trials, please feel free to contact us at OR send us your details through the website and we will contact u .
  • What are Stadium FC achievements ?
    We are known in the country for : - a strong Youth Football program - strong scouting methodology - a competitive youth club with high performance objectives We are : Karnataka State Youth Premier League : Champions - U17 - 2020-21 Runners up - U14 - 2021-22 AIFF Hero Youth League : Zonal Group Topper - Hero Junior League - South India Zone - 2018-2019 2nd Highest Goal Scoring Team in Country - Hero Junior League - 2018-2019 Players went on to join or trialed for professional clubs: Amit Kumar - Hindustan FC - ILeague 2 club Deka - Northeast United FC - ISL club Anand - trialed for Roundglass FC - ILeague 1 club Shivcharan - trialed for Roundglass FC- ILeague 1 club Dinku - trialed for Roundglass FC- ILeague 1 club Many other clubs play at SUPER DIVISION club level in different states .
  • Is Education also provided ?
    YES ! We provide option of education to all players who are enrolled in our programs . We have formal tie-ups with ICSE schools and University for pursuing formal full time education along with a strong football program . Many of our players take education and continue to train with the club .
  • How do I get selected to STADIUM FC teams ?
    To be part of Stadium FC teams , you have to first enrol with us . Once you are enrolled , our coaches will train you and observe your potential and ability . If you are found to be good , you will be invited to join the ELITE 4 days per week Intensive program . Final selection of players for the Teams happen from our ELITE program . To be considered for the team, you MUST be able to devote minimum of 4 days per week for the ELITE program. If you cannot devote 4 days, we regret we cannot offer you the opportunity to represent us as a player in our teams. Please note that to get in the team there is high competition and only the best players are selected .
  • How many Teams does Stadium FC has ?
    We have teams starting from U9 , U11 , U13 , U15 , U17 and U19 . U9 to U15 teams participate in State youth League and U17 and U19 teams participate in State Youth league as well as State Club League . In addition we also participate in professionally organised tournaments of DPDL and TAL which are approved by KSFA.
  • What facilities are provided in Stadium FC Residential Academy ?
    Stadium FC provides a simple and hygenic facility for players to stay . The building is right on our Yelahanka branch ground and has a Gym hall , Meeting & Match Analysis area , Sleeping Dormitory , Kitchen and Dining Area . Indoor recreation games are provided to players to play .Monthly events are organised to celebrate birthdays of players and other festivals.Our residential facility is developed with intent of optimum basic value and affordability proposition to suit most. Apart from basic everyday cleaning by our cleaning staff, Players are expected to maintain their own areas clean and to follow hostel rules. The food is carefully curated and includes a Veg and Non-veg menu on different days of the week, as would suit a growing sports person undergoing intensive training.


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