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4Days/week program


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The 4Days/week program


The ultimate goal of any serious training program is to allow an athlete to fulfill his or her potential.The Stadium FC Elite 4 day per week program is for players who have clear commitment to achieve excellence in football, willingness to train minimum 3 to 4 days per week and a supporting family to aid the player progress. Apart from the fun & excitement that naturally comes along in all our programs, the Elite 4 Day program is a well planned intensive program that works on sequential development of all round development of the player and progresses into position specific skill development, along with rigours of developing commitment, discipline, teamwork, effort  & reward and coping with competition pressures.


 The are exposed to advanced football game strategies and learn to cope with pressures of high level of competition and how to turn same into their strengths.


ELITE program is offered to players from age 7 years upto 19 years.

The program is offered at select centres and currently is available at Yelahanka  &  Sadashiv Nagar. The ELITE  program is delivered with 2

days in centre you choose and 2 compulsory day at Yelahanka centre.


The BIG difference in Stadium FC and other clubs is that the training and

progress at at every stage , player progress is graded based on multiple aspects of Physical age, playing ability of player and his Biological age.  The internal grading ensures that at all times the player is in a group that best

suits his growth potential both for sporting and psychological excellence which encourages the player to give their best and aim for progress as 



ELITE 4 Days per week program is to prepare the players to achieve higher level of football excellence. Apart from advanced level of football training including physical and mental attributes development, the players are exposed to 1 and 2 day of specialised training games , against stronger players in the club and alternately with outside teams. 


All players from Elite program are eligible to compete to be part of the club team which competes in State Leagues. The best players become part of the club 1st team and competes in state youth league and the other players compete in other tournaments


All training programs at Stadium FC are developed and implemented considering the age and ability of the players and the key learning areas necessary to be focused upon which are best learnt at specific age.

To ensure all this, there is a dedicated Senior Head Coach whose primary job is to develop the course content, ensure appropriate coach is deployed, the deployed coach does his job well and opportunities exist for player to display his progress based on which decisions related to players promotion to higher phase can be taken.

Different from many other clubs, where coaches are sometimes without appropriate coaching certifications, Stadium FC ensures that all coaches deployed to train your child has appropriate football coaching education and certification. We DO NOT employ non-certified personnel. This ensures that the coach understands the best method of coaching, has better understanding of player's physical and mental challenges and crafts and delivers the training which allows the player to absorb the maximum part of learning.

Periodical internal player progress evaluations are held to assess individual development pace in key areas relevant to player for his age and position.


For the program to be effective a minimum of uninterrupted 3 month period is recommended, with options of 6 month and 9 month available. At times, you may find difference in cost of the same program at different locations. This is because some locations are not owned by us and depending upon the lease rentals we have to pay, it may lead to differential fees levels. Parents are free to choose any locations they wish to and fees applicable to the location will be chargeable.

Please contact us in person to get full exact fee details and other applicable conditions as may be applicable.


4 - 9


9 - 11



11 - 13

13 - 15


15 - 17


17 - 19

3 / 6 / 9 
month options

For program effectveness, recommended enrolment options are for 3 Months, 6 Months & 9 Months

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