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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Getting a great start in anything is extremely important. When families begin looking into playing football for the first time, finding the right environment for their child is crucial to their development and love for the game.

At Stadium FC Playgroup , we have so much to offer young players. Our professional staff provides a caring, nurturing environment that encourages growth in the game. Stadium FC Playgroup goal is to teach every child to become a more skilful player, the importance of team play, good sportsmanship and respect, all while having fun in a positive learning environment.

The program follows the principles of “Long Term Athlete Development ‘ and focuses on age specific aspects of Correct Movement & Gait , building a love for game through football based group fun activities combined with basic football techniques of dribbling, passing, running, kicking etc . We ensure to have regular interactions with the parents and the players of their learning outcomes and provide detailed assessment results to help the parents in decision making for their children.

The program is available on Non-Residential basis .

About the Program

Football fun with learning , 2 Sessions per week with Certified Coaches.

All sessions have fun games. Special monthly fun events keep player motivated & excited. Basic Technique Leaning starts from this group. Planned repetition methodology helps in quick learning. All sessions happen on Green Natural/Artificial Turf, minimising injuries. Children enjoy our sessions and return home HAPPY!

Key Features of our program 

Licensed Coaches, Learning thru Fun, Weekly Games, League Of Legends Games, Periodic Evaluations, 1 set Training Uniform, Police Verified Staff, Annual Registration Cost, Safe Turf grounds, Registration with Football Federation

Under 6 years

2 Session/week on weekdays / weekends 

Locations : Yelahanka  & Sanjay Nagar

Under 9 years

2 Session/week on weekdays / weekends 

Location : Yelahanka & Sanjay Nagar

Player Progress Pathway

Players with Potential and interest + willingness  to dedicate more time for football learning are scouted by stadium FC Head Coach and invited to join Stadium FC U9 Team . The team receives additional days of team oriented training and participates in Karnataka State Youth Premier League Tournament.

Invitation to join the team is on selection basis .  

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