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The Future Elite 

Stadium FC U18s & U21 Elite Academy is our flagship group that provides players the opportunity to be fully submerged in a full time footballing experience over a ten month season. 

Players can join at recreational level in our Soccer School or join in our intensive  Elite Academy development program .  

We’re proud to offer our players the ultimate chance to showcase their abilities against high levels of opposition in professional setups. The best players of the U18 Elite squad get a chance to represent our club in “Hero Youth Elite League ”- India’s highest League level of Youth football and in "Karnataka State Youth Premier League".

The U21 group is a Professional Club group of players whose main aim is to try and break through to higher level of clubs . The U21 team plays in State Super Division Professional league in Himachal Pradesh .


The goal of our U18 Elite Academy program is to see our players further enhance their footballing career; whether that’s through professional football in India or continuing in education through college soccer and sports management .


Off the pitch, players live like a family in a Athlete-Friendly residence and enjoy a dream lifestyle in the club’s hometown of Bengaluru.

The program is available on Residential and Non-Residential basis , with option of education programme recognized by Govt of India.

Admission for U18 & U21 Academy Residential program is through selections in Trials .

For recreational program , Players can enrol at any time .

About the Program


Stadium FC is known as the home for some of the best talent in the country !


Advanced inhouse Sports Science play a huge role in helping players to maintain their health and well-being.

On ground Physio and Coaching staff work closely to monitor key Sports Science related statistics to ensure that the training load is measured and appropriate to Player health readiness.


The training session follows scientific principles of ‘periodization’ to match the demands of the game to players ability to take the training load.


All Residential players follow a carefully crafted diet that would suit a developing young player engaged in intensive training. Appropriate balance of Protein for recovery and carbohydrate for energy is aimed for. 

From 2 session per week for Recreational program, Our PRO Program offers upto 10 sessions for the best talent with qualified trainers

Access to a Football specific gym including basic to advanced sports scienc& personal training to ensure you are at your Physical Peak

Chance to represent Stadium FC team in Highest National level Youth League in India, the “Hero Elite League” and play against the best clubs in country

The Team plays in 25 competitive fixtures over the season to test and prepare against the best clubs in the Country

Non  Residential   


Under 18 years

2 Sessions  - Weekdays / Weekends

At Dravid Padukone CSE

PRO18 - High Performance 

5-10 sessions - Weekdays / Weekends

Jointly run at Yelahanka & Dravid Padukone CSE

PRO21 - High Performance 

5-10 sessions - Weekdays + Weekends

Jointly run at Yelahanka & Dravid Padukone CSE



Under 18 & 21 - With Education 

Player Progress Pathway

Talented Players are scouted by Stadium FC Head Coach and invited to join Stadium FC U18 / U21 Team . In this age , the competition levels are very high and only the very talented players committed into long term football are invited to join the Stadium FC Teams , The team follows a completely different structure of training and development , different from what a player may have enrolled for initially .


The U18 team

participates in the highest level of Indian Youth league of Hero Elite League and in the highest level of State Youth League , the Karnataka State Youth Premier League Tournament. 

The U21 team

is the Club's first team and participates in the Professional league of Himachal Pradesh Club League .                       

Our Location
Yelahanka              CSE

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