Summer Camp

Sporting spirit is high during holiday. At Stadium FC we organize summer camps for the youngsters so that this summer becomes a time for the individuals to learn techniques in football which is designed by our Spanish club partners. The summer camp is a joy filled and skilled based training for one month where the players get the chance to learn and practice their game.

Summer camp is a great avenue to build your skills, confidence and momentum for the game. The players dedicate couple of weeks to make sure they improve their performance on the pitch. During this short period of practice time the player can greatly improve his/her game abilities and spend more time on the pitch to train and increase performance. At Stadium FC summer camp we offer a full range of training on the field which includes both natural and artificial turfs.

Our facilities are state of the art and our coaches are highly experienced, this ensures that the players leave the camp one step closer to fulfilling their maximum potential as soccer players.

How does the summer camp at stadium fc benefit?

  • Helps improve concentration
  • Support the players in decision making based on their performance
  • Improved physical fitness
  • Intensive field training for one month
  • Personality development, will power, team building, game principles, confidence, patience and technical game principles are some of the important self learning aspects that a player learns.
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Stadium FC

Coaching Summer Camp 2019

Starting on 13th May to 31st May

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Our Partners

Our player development program has been strengthened by international football academies from England and Spain till date. Our active partners are Moratalaz FC and Getafe Madrid International Academy.