Soccer School Program

At our soccer school the objective is to provide fun and active sporting through basic level of football sport along with general life skill behavioral attributes.

Our soccer school program help our players to fine tune their game and undergo a fun based training and learning game which is a progressive in nature. Under this program a player can analyze his or her game and make a decision to move forward of pursuing football as a career option.

We ensure to have regular interactions with the parents and the players of their performance and provide detailed assessment results to help the parents in decision making for their children. Players are taught basic football skills dribbling, passing, running, swinging, kicking etc before they move to a defined training program.

Benefits for the Youth soccer player under the soccer school program:

  • Improved physical health
  • Boost in confidence and self esteem
  • Helps the player decide to take up football as a career option
  • Helps build leadership skills
  • Fun based learning and building social skills
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Soccer School Program 2019

Starting on 8th June 2019

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Our Partners

Our player development program has been strengthened by international football academies from England and Spain till date. Our active partners are Moratalaz FC and Getafe Madrid International Academy.