Selective usage of Sports Science and football technology equipment enhances our player ability .We uphold a high level of training environment and we conduct the training on exclusively owned infrastructure.

Our facilities include:
  • Turfs: Synthetic turf pitches for small sided & technical training alongside with Natural Lush green grass football ground for Tactical Game learning.
  • Technology aided coaching: Selective usage of Sports Science and football technology equipment aided by cloud based session planning and video recording of every session enhances analysis on player ability, key player moments and performance.
  • Player analysis tools: Application of GPS enabled technology used by top international clubs for Player analysis and development. Video recording of all competitive games for post-game analysis
  • Health and Medical facilities: First aid facility for our players and availability of transport facilities during emergency
  • Nutritionist: On-call nutritionist to help the players on how dietary strategies can enhance performance, recovery and health.
  • Gym: Quality training equipment for player strength and conditioning development
  • Transportation Facilities: We have our private fleet for the movement of the entire team where we help players commute for matches, training and visits. We also make sure the safety of the players during the commute by having the best and experienced drivers.
  • Recreational activities: We make sure we have necessary recreational activities for our players and also help build a sense of responsibility among our players through our CSR activities
  • Residential Facility: We provide hostel facilities for our players with great environment facilities where the player can relax, study and enjoy the game.
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junior league 2019

28th March- 15th April 2019

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Our Partners

Our player development program has been strengthened by international football academies from England and Spain till date. Our active partners are Moratalaz FC and Getafe Madrid International Academy.