CSR Activities:

At our academy we not only work towards player development but also contribute to build a human in every player. We help grow responsible citizens of the future by inculcating regular deeds where we give back to the society.

Choose Your Social Cause:

Players can take help and guidance from their parents to complete their chosen assignment. Each Team has to take photograph to prove completion of their chosen cause.

Our goodwill games include:

  • IM YOUR FRIEND: A group of underprivileged children from nearby village chosen by Stadium will be supported to play football. Team who chooses to do this will organize football games once each month and will coach them .
  • ONE FAMILY : Organize a small CHARITY RUN for all Parents of all players enrolled at Stadium . The Run can be organized at the roads nearby the academy itself on any weekend .A nominal cost will be charged from all participants and funds collected will be donated to a pre-identified orphanage or a school nearby .
  • WITH YOU : Players have to reach out to all other players in the academy and organize clothes , books , shoes , food items etc which can be donated to an orphanage . The support will be done only in KIND and not in cash .
  • ECO FRIENDS: Players will find / create ways to reflect their concern towards environment , greenery , reducing pollution etc . Various ways can be devised under this cause .

We have successfully completed these activities under different age groups from under 9 to under 15.

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junior league 2019

28th March- 15th April 2019

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Our Partners

Our player development program has been strengthened by international football academies from England and Spain till date. Our active partners are Moratalaz FC and Getafe Madrid International Academy.